The Plays and Books of Benjamin A. Horwitz

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It's Twilight Time
F.U.J.W. Gibbs
The Cremation of Joe Venturi
A Chemical Engineer in Paris
A Peace Corps Journal
So long, Willie Mays
Peace Corps Letters
Portrait of a Chemical Engineer
Tour de Niagara Falls
Travels with Maureen
Cycling the Erie Canal
Murder on the Erie Canal
An unintended mission to Arlington National Cemetery
Biking across Pennsylvania Via U.S. Route 6
Murder on the Great Allegheny Passage

"So long Willie Mays, a Cleveland Indians Fantasy"

"It's Twilight Time " : A fictional portrayal of a baby - boomer's trials & tribulations as he travels the vicissitudes of life ( No - it's not about Bill Clinton !)

"F.U.J.W. Gibbs " : A play about science and scientists & the Unabomber !

"The Cremation of Joe Venturi": A short story about J. Alfred Prufrock.

A poem for Bonita's garden.

"Mud is very nice to feel, all squishy squash between the toes.
  I'd rather wade in wiggly mud, than smell a yellow rose.
  No one but the rosebush knows,
  How nice mud feels between the toes. "

                                                             Polly  Chase  Boyden


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