The Plays and Books of Benjamin A. Horwitz
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Benjamin A. Horwitz

Benjamin A. Horwitz was born in 1945 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He graduated in 1967 from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and received a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Cleveland State University in 1980. He spent two years in Bhopal, India as a Peace Corps Volunteer providing technical consulting to small-scale industries. He has taught the Process Design Course for chemical engineering seniors at both Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University. Presently, he is an Adjunct Professor at Cleveland State University. After spending 25 years in industry working as a chemical engineer, Ben became an independent chemical engineering consultant specializing in plant start-ups and de-bugging chemical/pharmaceutical plant operations. In addition, he gives seminars on the use of mathematical/process-simulation software. He is a well-known author of articles on the art and practice of chemical engineering and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of a leading magazine in the field. His writing has recently expanded from the realm of technology to drama. Following the lead set by Frank Capra, (writer/director of Itís a Wonderful Life) also a graduate chemical engineer, Ben wrote his first play, Itís Twilight Time. He has recently completed his second play titled: F.U.J.W. Gibbs. This one act play about science and scientists will soon appear on this same web-site.

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