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With Apologies to Miss Snow

 “So Long Willie Mays”, has not yet been properly edited for either punctuation or spelling.  You will easily determine this in the first few pages of the text.  I do not apologize to anyone with the possible exception of Hazel Snow, my seventh grade English teacher, who was a real stickler for punctuation, spelling, and the diagramming of sentences.  She often would keep me after class and after school to correct the many papers I wrote during the time I was in her class.  That was back in 1956/57.  Evidently, it didn’t do much good.
     During the intervening 48 years, I slowly ascribed to Mark Twain’s philosophy on spelling:  “I never trusted a man who could only spell a word one way.”  I assume he felt the same way about punctuation, and obviously so do I.
     I will eventually get around to checking this novel for spelling and punctuation.  In the mean time, I hope no one is offended – too much.   The Author 

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